smoked and saucy pork belly lollipops on wooden skewer. smoked on a pit boss hardwood pellet smoker

Pork Belly Lollipops

Pork Belly Lollipops

Category BBQ Pork
Servings 30
Prep Time 24 hours
Cook Time 4 hours

Tender smoked pork belly perfect to finish over a campfire. This recipe is for a whole pork belly which will make roughly 30-40 lollipops.

Shaun O’Neale - @chefshaunoneale
smoked and saucy pork belly lollipops on wooden skewer. smoked on a pit boss hardwood pellet smoker


  • 1 whole pork belly
  • Kosher Salt
  • Coarse Black Pepper
  • Your favorite BBQ sauce

Special Tools


  1. The night before you plan on smoking the lollipops, remove the pork belly from the fridge and season liberally with salt. Place on a sheet pan and cover. Place in the fridge for 24 hours to let the salt absorb into the belly.
  1. If you are using wooden skewers, soak them in water for 30 minutes.
  1. Remove the pork belly from the fridge and lightly rinse to remove any excess salt.
  1. Place the belly on your cutting board and trim the ends so you have a straight line to start cutting your lollipops from. Cut the belly into roughly 1in wide and 3in long sections.
  1. Run the skewers through the length of the pork belly being careful not to poke your hand in the process.
  1. Season the pork belly first with the coarse black pepper and then liberally with the Pit Boss Sweet Heat rub. Place in the fridge for 1 hour to let the rub penetrate the meat.
  1. Set your Pit Boss smoker to 225°F
  1. Place the lollipops on the smoker and cook for roughly 4 hours, flipping the lollipops about halfway through. Cook until very tender.
  1. Once the lollipops are tender, brush on your favorite BBQ sauce and cook for another 30 minutes. Brush with sauce about every 10 minutes until the lollipops are well coated.
  1. Serve immediately, or cool the lollipops and pack for your camping trip.
  1. If taking camping, simply warm the lollipops over your campfire the same way you would cook a smore.


Recipe Note

Try your best to make the pork belly pieces of even size before skewering. We really want these to cook consistently without some taking longer than others. Feel free to use your favorite BBQ sauce, but I do encourage you to seek out the two listed in the recipe. You won't regret adding them to your BBQ repertoire.

Recipe by: Pit Boss Ambassador @chefshaunoneale