Here are some guidelines for cuts, thicknesses, weights, and grilling times. Most of these are standard practice, but as a Pit Boss you have to always use your best judgement. Cooking times can sometimes be affected by things like – where you live, the temperature outside, wind, or even your desired doneness. Most of the times listed in the extensive guides below are for achieving medium doneness, unless otherwise noted.
Type Thickness or Weight Approximate Cooking Time
Buffalo, Strip Steak 1 6 – 7 minutes direct high heat (450°F – 550°F), turning once
Duck Breast, Boneless, Skinless 5–6 oz grill 8 – 10 min direct medium-low heat (about 350°F), turning once
Duck, Whole 5½–6lb 40 min indirect high heat (450°F – 550°F)
Goose, Whole 10-12lbs 3 hours indirect medium heat (350°F – 450°F)
Ground Buffalo Patties ¾" thick 7 – 9 min direct medium heat (350°F – 450°F), turning once
Quail, Whole 5 oz 15 – 20 minutes indirect medium heat (350°F – 450°F)
Rack of Venison 2½–3lb 45 minutes indirect medium heat (350°F – 450°F)
Squab, Whole or Butterflied 1lb 35 – 45 minutes indirect medium heat (350°F – 450°F)