tasty looking Kansas City Style ribs, cut and placed on wooden cutting board

Kansas City Style Championship Ribs

Kansas City Style Championship Ribs

Category Dinner Beef BBQ Smoke Game Day July 4th Regional
Servings 4
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 3.5 Hours

Kansas City Style Championship Ribs properly prepared, and cooked, BBQ Ribs are always a favorite. Here is a simple recipe that from Pitmaster BBQ Bob Robinson that has won him a few competitions in the past. This Kansas City Style Champion Ribs recipe is simple enough for anyone to do at home on their Pit Boss Pellet Grill for the most important audience…Your family and friends!


Remember: This recipe can be cooked on any of our Pit Boss Grills wood pellet smokers, our vertical pellet smokers, or any of our barbecue grills using the A-Maze-N smoker accessory wood pellet burners.

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tasty looking Kansas City Style ribs, cut and placed on wooden cutting board


  • Apple Juice
  • 2 cups Brown Sugar
  • 2 Racks Baby Back Rib
  • 24 oz Dijon Mustard

Special Tools

  • Mixing Bowl
  • Rib Rack
  • Whisk
  • Spray bottle


  1. Peel silver skin membrane off back of either style rib. This skin prevents seasoning and smoke to fully penetrate the rib. It leaves a “plastic like” film. To remove, use a paper towel and grab this skin and pull. Sometimes you can use a paring knife to lift the skin enough to get enough to grab. The skin on a baby back generally pulls off much cleaner and easier than the skin on a spare rib as it is a bit thicker and tougher. Baby Backs will not need any trimming in most cases, unless there is quite a bit of white fat on the top.
  1. This sauce will be brushed on the ribs after they are done cooking. You will have ample time to whip this up, so don't stress about doing this in the beginning.
  1. Pour Dijon Mustard into a mixing bowl. Mix in brown sugar until mustard taste diminishes and a sweet taste takes over.
  1. Generally, you will use a half bag of brown sugar for 2 bottles and the whole bag for 4 bottles. The key is for the tangy mustard taste to turn sweet.
  1. When this mix is brushed on the ribs the mix of pork flavor and this glaze will produce a sweet and sassy result. The easiest way to mix is with an electric mixer but a whisk will do nicely. This will become very thick and sticky.
  1. Preheat Grill for 10 minutes and then set cooking temperature to 275°F.
  1. Place ribs, back side down, on the cooking grid. Note If you are doing multiple slabs, I suggest you use a rib rack. Most Rib Racks will hold 6 slabs. This will allow ribs to cook evenly. The rib rack allows for more slabs since ribs will sit in rack on their edge. Try to put meatier side up.
  1. Spray ribs thoroughly with apple juice every 30-40 minutes. Apple Juice not only helps to keep meat moist and juicy while cooking, the acidity also helps to break down the muscles, thus tenderizing as well. I have had people tell me they prefer Pineapple juice or a mixture of apple and pineapple. Personally, I can't tell the difference, but you can experiment for yourself if you want to. The result will be same.
  1. Note: How to tell when ribs are done? It is hard to measure temp of a rib with a meat thermometer due to the meat between the bones being so tight. You can get a false reading if the thermometer is touching a bone. Take your tongs and pick up slab in the middle. If the rib folds over and is limp and the meat just begins to pull away from the bone, they are done.
  1. Remove ribs from grill and place in a pan (long enough for ribs to fit).
  1. Glaze both sides of ribs with a light coat of the sassy glaze. This is a flavor enhancer, not a cover up. Just a light coat is plenty. If you really like the glaze there will generally always be some left over, and you can add to your desire while on the plate.
  1. Wrap ribs in foil and let stand for 15 minutes.
  1. Serve (you can serve in slab form and let each guest cut his own or I like to cut ribs and serve as single bones.