steak being cut on wood board

Reverse Seared T-Bone Steak

Reverse Seared T-Bone Steak

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Servings 2
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 64 minutes

The reverse sear has recently gained popularity over the regular sear and for good reason. It's just a great way to cook a thick steak to a perfect internal temperature while keeping a full-flavored char crust on the outside. It might take a little longer than a regular sear but the resulting smoky, tender meat with a deliciously crunchy crust is worth the time.

It's important to let your meat rest once it is done cooking. This gives your T-Bone the opportunity for the juices to rest and thicken as it cools. If you cut into a hot steak the juice will pour out everywhere.

Pit Boss Kitchen
steak being cut on wood board


  • 1 Steak, T-bone


  1. Preheat your Pit Boss Grill to 250°F; then close the lid 10-15 minutes.
  1. As the grill is preheating to the perfect temperature (250°F), spice the T-bone with our Smoked Salt & Pepper Rub.
  1. Lay the steak on the grill for roughly 60 minutes or until the steaks reach an internal temperature of 105°F to 110°F. Remove the steaks and set aside.
  1. Crank up the heat to 450°F and open the flame broiler.
  1. Place the steak over the flame broiler and sear for about 2 minutes a side, 4 minutes in total. You know when your steak is done once the internal temperature reaches 130°F to 135°F (for medium-rare). Follow the below internal temperature for your cooking preference: Rare (125°F), Medium Rare (130°F), Medium (140°F), Well Done (160°F).
  1. Once reached for personal preference, take the steaks off the grill and eat!