How To Build A Bossin’ Burger – Tip #3: Grillin’ To Perfection

1. Prep your grill for cooking at 450°-500°F. Then, grab your patties from the fridge, right when you’re ready to get started.

2. Season them generously on the top and bottom. We recommend the Mushroom Swiss Burger Seasoning or the Bacon Cheddar Seasoning. Otherwise classic salt and pepper will do the trick perfectly. Be sure to roll the sides of the burger patties in the seasoning as well.

3. Lightly brush oil right onto the burger patty.The best options are oils with high smoke points like grape-seed, sunflower, or peanut. The oil will help keep the patties from sticking to the grates when it’s time to flip.

4. Make sure the grill is piping hot. We want the outside of the burger to get a nice, sweet sear. Once you throw the patties on the grill, the key is to move them as little as possible. That helps prevent them from breaking apart as they cook.

5. Close the lid and let them cook. Depending on the size of the patty they may need to cook for 3-4 minutes on each side. The best way to tell it’s time to flip is if you see beads of juice forming on the top of the patty.

6. Now it’s time to prep your toppings. Go ahead and toast your buns while the burgers are still grilling. To do this, add a touch of butter or oil on the top and bottom of each bun half. Then, lightly sprinkle a little seasoning on both bun sides before you toss them on the grill. These are going to crisp up pretty quickly, so toast for about 30 seconds to a minute on each side. For some added flavor we love topping our burgers with bacon of course)(, grilled onions, and grilled mushrooms. Now, while your buns are toasting, would be the best time to add those to the grill. Add a little more oil and seasoning to your veggies before tossing them in your grilling basket.

7. Flip your patties and cook them for a few more minutes. With the cooked side up, sprinkle a little more seasoning on those patties and close the lid again. For a perfectly juicy burger, avoid smashing them down at any point while they’re cooking. Smashing the patties will squeeze all the juicy goodness right out of your burger, and a bossin’ burger is a juicy burger.

8. Get your toppings ready and add cheese 30 seconds before the burgers come off the grill. The magic of eating a bossin’ burger comes from enjoying it while it’s hot, fresh, and still sizzling with sweet beefiness. At this point, your buns are crisp and ready to go. Go ahead and start loading them up with all your condiments and veggies. For an added boost of flavor, don’t be afraid to add a little sauce in between your veggie layers as you’re building that burger.

9. Pull your patties off the grill and Build A Bossin’ Burger! If needed, use a thermometer to double check for doneness. The internal temperature should read at least 165°F. Pile your toppings high and get creative.

We want to see your masterpieces. Share your Bossin’ Burger photos, tips, and tricks with the hashtag #pitbossnation.

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