The Guide to Peach Butcher Paper for Smoking

If you love staying up-to-date on BBQ cooking techniques, then you have likely heard of – or even tried—peach butcher paper for smoking meats. If not, we’ve got you covered!! Here is the scoop on what it is, why you should use it over alternatives and expert tips to ensure your success. Be sure to try it next time you smoke a brisket or a rack of baby back ribs!

What is Peach Butcher Paper?

Peach Butch Paper

Peach butcher paper is a strong style of BBQ paper, approved by the USDA/FDA for use in food industries. The paper is made of 100% virgin wood pulp and does not tear easily. Despite rumors, it has no peach flavor or essence, the name only signifies the natural and unbleached status.

The Why

So why is peach butcher paper a staple for all serious barbecue cooks? For starters, most of the great BBQ chefs are using it and who doesn’t know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?? But let’s get into the “why” behind the effectiveness of this tool. This paper has a “sizing” treatment that keeps it from falling apart when it gets wet which makes it a durable paper that not only prevents leaks but also allows the meat to breathe by letting out moisture. This process is ideal for wrapping meats for smoking because it allows the smoke flavor to be absorbed. Ultimately, peach butcher paper ensures the integrity of your meat by protecting it from contaminants while it locks in moisture.

Photo of moisture

To commit to the craze, you should understand the unique advantages to using peach butcher paper over other types of wraps:

Butcher Paper VS. Peach Butcher Paper

Regular butcher paper, generally white in color, is far more rigid making it an awkward and challenging task to fold around your meat – think origami with cardboard. The purpose of butcher paper is to help preserve and maintain the color of the meat you purchase. In order to do this, regular butcher paper is less porous and doesn’t allow oxygen to reach the meat. This contradicts the role of peach butcher paper which allows the meat to breathe and prevents your meat from over steaming during the final stages of cooking.

Parchment Paper VS. Peach Butcher Paper

Parchment paper is primarily used during baking to prevent sticking. It is low strength and tears easily making it a poor tool when working with heavy meat and basting juices.

Aluminum Foil VS. Peach Butcher Paper

Buckle up old school BBQ chefs…this is a game changer. Aluminum foil has been the go-to for years. It is an easy way to get a big meat past “The Stall” since it is so good at insulating heat. However, it is non-porous. So, all that moisture is effectively locked inside, melting away that precious and tasty BBQ bark you built up prior to wrapping your meat.

BBQ Bark

The Benefits of Using Peach Butcher Paper

The main benefits Pitmasters seek when using peach butcher paper for smoking is protection from meat drying out. Wrapping close to the end of cook time when temperatures are lowered prevents meat from losing moisture. Some BBQ experts also use it to prevent further darkening of the bark/exterior crust if the meat has cooked faster than expected. Most importantly, wrapping allows your big meats – briskets, pork buts, rack of ribs – to BREATHE which translates into a flavorful end product! On a side note, we would be remiss by not mentioning the “cool factor”. Pit Boss Butcher paper not only makes a great display on any buffet or dining table, but also makes a creative giftwrap for your favorite Pitmaster friends and family.

How to Wrap a Brisket in Butcher Paper

Wrapped Brisket with Peach Butch Paper

Every fold you make should conform with the shape of the brisket.

  1. 1.Fold the bottom edge of your paper over the top of the brisket pulling tightly.
  2. 2.Tightly fold in one side of the paper over the flat, so that it conforms to the shape of the brisket and runs at a diagonal line away from you. Smooth out the paper.
  3. 3.Tuck part of the paper on the opposite side under the point to secure it, then fold in the paper over the top, so that it conforms to the brisket and runs at a diagonal line away from you. Smooth out the paper.
  4. 4.Holding the wrap tightly around the brisket on all sides, roll the brisket over and pull tightly to secure the paper. Fold in the sides again.
  5. 5.Fold the top end of the paper over to double its thickness.
  6. 6.Roll the brisket over one more time.

Where to Buy Peach Butcher Paper?

See for yourself what the hype is all about. Get more square feet per dollar with Pit Boss Peach Butcher Paper, available for purchase right here on our website.

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