The Ultimate Holiday Grilling Gift Guide

If you know someone who owns a grill, chances are it’s not just a casual hobby to them. Most people who barbecue do so with passion, pursuing the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. This year give them the gift of wood fired flavor that they will never forget. Whether it’s that special grill, some bullet proof accessories they will use thousands of times, or delicious rubs and seasonings that will elevate their food, these grilling gifts are sure to be a Bonafide hit this year.

For the Pellet Grilling Rookie

If you know that special someone who has been wanting a pellet grill or has just purchased their first one, we have some gift ideas to help them as they master their pellet grilling skills.

Pit Boss 700s Wood Pellet Grill

This simple wood pellet grill is perfect for the beginner. With no adjustable chimney cap to fuss with, you can just turn the control dial to set your desired temperature, put your meat on the grill, and return when it’s finished. All the features you need for 8 different cooking options, including our patented Flame Broiler Plate for direct searing. 700 square inches of grill space gives you plenty of room to cook 3 full slabs of baby back ribs, 3 to 4 pork shoulders, and 2 full size whole briskets.

Pit Boss Animal Temperature Magnets

First things first. It’s a good idea to have these around so you know which temperature to pull your meat. Just stick them on your hopper and you’ll always know when it’s safe to turn off your grill.

Pit Boss Basic Barbecue Toolset

Everything your aspiring Pit Boss needs to get started. Includes heavy duty tongs, spatula, and grilling fork. These dependable tools are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The spatula and fork feature hanging holes in the handles, so all three tools can easily hang right on your grill.

Gourmet Spice Variety 6 Pack

This 6 pack of rubs and spice features blends from our award-winning pit masters. Includes Tennessee Apple Butter, Sweet Heat Rub and Grill, Raspberry Chipotle, Mandarin Habanero, Hickory Bacon, and Chop House Steak Rub. Everything you need for that perfect bark and flavorful crust.

For the Pit Boss Pit Master

These gifts are for the loved ones in your life who can’t stop pellet grilling on their Pit Boss. It’s more than just their hobby, it’s their lifestyle. These gifts will enhance and elevate their passion.

A-MAZE-N Smoker Tubes and Boxes

These little smoker tubes help turn a Pit Boss into a cold smoker. Perfect for cheese, fish, butter and more, this device helps deliver smoke flavor without the heat. An A-MAZE-N Smoker will give the Pit Master in your live another tool in their set to deliver those A-MAZE-N flavors they envision when cooking up their latest creation.

Pit Boss Ceramic Charcoal Grill

This “Kamado” style grill is perfect for the Pit Master who wants a true “hands on” grilling experience. Professional fire management controls temperatures with adjustable top and bottom dampers. Pit Boss Ceramic Charcoal Grills offer exceptional insulation that maintains heat unlike any other type of grill on the market. These grills absorb heat and radiate it back like a professional brick oven, which makes them wonderful for cooking homemade pizza and bread that tastes like it was made in a restaurant.

6 Piece Cast Iron Starter Kit

A true Pit Master needs a variety of tools at their disposal to cook an unlimited array of recipes. This cast iron starter kit includes:

  • 10" diameter pre-seasoned cast iron skillet with long handle
  • 12" diameter pre-seasoned cast iron deep skillet
  • 12" diameter cast iron deep skillet lid
  • 10" pre-seasoned cast iron camp oven
  • 10" diameter cast iron camp oven lid
  • 15.5" heavy duty leather glove

Everything you need for frying, braising, roasting, stewing, and baking on your Pit Boss Grill.

For the Traveling Griller

Whether your griller loves to camp, RV, tailgate, or all three, these products are designed for anyone to take the Pit Boss experience out on the road.

The Pit Boss 440TG1 Tailgater

Small, but mighty! Take natural wood flavor on your next adventure – big, or small -- with the Pit Boss 440TG1. This is true pellet grilling in a portable package. In a matter of seconds, you can be set-up and ready to grill! Small enough to travel, big enough to smoke a rack of ribs or a brisket.

Cast Iron Camp Oven

Enjoy a variety of meals from Dutch baby pancakes, one-pot chili, or whole roasted chicken – on the grill, stovetop, or over a campfire. This 12” inch Camp Oven features a non-stick surface for easy cleaning, a tight-fitting lid to lock in moisture, and a stainless-steel bail handle, perfect for campfire cooking.

For the Racing Fan Who Loves to Grill

Want to get that perfect gift for the racing fan who loves to grill? These unique Pit Boss Grills are available in three different models: The Tailgater, 700, and 1000 coated in the iconic race day red and stamped with the legendary NASCAR logo.

For the Pellet Smoker Who Loves to Host a Feast

Everyone knows that person who just loves to cook an ungodly amount of food and have everyone they know over to enjoy the fruits of their culinary labor. If you know just that person then we have the perfect gifts to handle any size feast.

Series 7 Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker

Pit Boss Wood Pellet Vertical Smokers can reach temperatures of 450°F which gives you full convection cooking for 5 different cooking options. It's like having an outdoor smoker and oven in one. With enough space to cook 6 briskets, 12 racks of ribs, or 10 whole chickens you can cook a whole feast inside 1 smoker.

Pit Boss 1000 Grill with NASCAR Logo or the Pit Boss 1000SC

If you’re looking for a more traditional grill, then these pellet grills can do it all. They both offer 8 in 1 cooking options and 924 square inches of cooking space. Plenty of room to cook a Holiday dinner for a huge family. The Pit Boss 1000 Grills with NASCAR logo features an upgraded Digital Controller while the 1000SC offers a deluxe storage cabinet, the perfect place to store your pellets and cooking utensils.

For the Pizza Lover

15 Inch Pizza Stone

Cook homemade pizza on any grill with this 15-inch pizza stone. This durable ceramic pizza stone enables you to get an evenly cooked, crunchy crust. Pair it with a pellet grill for the ultimate wood fired pizza experience.

Rocking Pizza Cutter

This professional grade pizza cutter allows you to easily slice your pizza in just a few strokes. Keep toppings and cheese where they belong, on your pizza! Made with stainless steel.

Stay Informed About the Biggest. Hottest. Heaviest. Grills on the Market

Our grills are made with thicker, heavier gauge steel keeping them hotter for longer. Most pellet grills come with Pit Boss’ patented Flame Broiler Plate which allows for direct flame searing temperatures of 1,000°F. Experience the quality and value that defines Pit Boss Grills.

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