Cooking with Charcoal Pellets in Your Pit Boss

Charcoal flavor fans rejoice! Pit Boss has unveiled a new pellet flavor and this time the pellets will provide the classic lump charcoal flavors for pellet grillers to enjoy cooking their favorites. If you’ve never cooked with charcoal before and want to explore which foods and cooking methods will go best with these new pellets, then this article is for you!

What are Charcoal Flavored Pellets?

Pit Boss Charcoal Blend Hardwood Pellets offer the bold aroma of oak hardwood with the robust, classic taste of smoky charcoal. It’s the perfect choice for uniting the greatest flavors in outdoor cooking.

As with all Pit Boss Hardwood Pellets, Charcoal Pellets are made in the US. Using only 100% all-natural hardwood, Pit Boss Hardwood Pellets offer real, wood-fired flavor that is 100% free of spray scents, glues, artificial flavors, or chemicals.

What Kind of Flavors do Charcoal Pellets Provide?

Charcoal pellets provide the same strong and full-bodied flavors as lump charcoal. These bold, classic flavors are what have made charcoal grilling such a staple in outdoor cooking. Now Pit Boss Grillers can enjoy the convenience of pellet grilling and those flavors that were once synonymous with charcoal grills and barbecue in general.

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Cooking with Charcoal Pellets

Now that #PitBossNation has a classic charcoal flavor, the question is, should you try it? With charcoal flavor, it should be more a question of what you are cooking vs how you are cooking it. You should be perfectly fine using charcoal pellets for the same cooking methods that you have used with other pellet flavors on your Pit Boss. Whether you smoke, grill, barbecue, roast, char grill, sear, bake, or braise it can be accomplished with fantastic results. There is no performance difference between Charcoal and the other hardwood pellets Pit Boss offers. The only difference is that with Charcoal Pellets, there will be less ash cleanup than with other pellets.

Now the question that remains is what to cook with charcoal pellets?


Beef is an excellent protein to cook using charcoal flavored pellets. Whether you are grilling a steak, smoking a brisket, or roasting a prime rib rack, beef is a great medium to absorb those charcoal flavors, especially as it forms an outer crust. Don’t forget the charcoal classics either, such as grilling burgers and hot dogs.

Try This Recipe: Grilled Tri - Tip with Cajun Butter

There’s nothing better than a juicy, tender steak. This delicious, Grilled Tri Tip with Cajun Butter will be an instant favorite. If you’re craving beef with some classic Cajun spices, then this recipe will not disappoint. Easy to prepare and cook, use the reverse sear method to lock in the natural juices of the meat. The charcoal flavors will really lock in during the searing process and make a nice outer crust.

View the full Grilled Tri-Tip with Cajun Butter recipe.


For those looking to smoke turkey for Thanksgiving, you can’t go wrong with the bold flavors of charcoal. Those smoky flavors blend really well with turkey skin, giving it some depth that can often be missing when baked. After cooking slow and low, be sure to crank up the heat when it is 10°F befow 165°F internal temperature. This will help give the skin a nice crispy texture.

Try This Recipe: Sweet Heat Cajun Spatchcocked Turkey

This Smoked Spatchcock Turkey is seasoned “Cajun style” with Sweet Heat Rub to reinvigorate the classic Thanksgiving Turkey with new life and flavor. Be sure to buy a pre-brined turkey or brine it yourself with kosher salt and water the night before.

Injected with spicy Cajun butter and seasoned liberally with Pit Boss Sweet Heat Rub, this bird will cook evenly and relatively thanks to spatchcocking it before placing on the grill.

View the full Sweet Heat Cajun Spatchcock Turkey recipe.


Chicken is also a great option for charcoal, especially if you’re cooking a cut with the skin left on. At higher temperatures the skin develops a crispy and flavorful char that can’t be compared to anything else. And chicken is such a durable enough protein that the stronger flavors of charcoal won’t overpower the meat.


Try This Recipe: Asian Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a charcoal grilling staple. The high heat from the grill and the powerful flavors really lock into the crispy skin. For this recipe, the secret is to cook the wings at 300°F until they reach desired internal temp, then turn up the grill to 450°F get the skin nice and crispy, then add the glaze and cook over indirect heat for a short time (just enough to warm the glaze and slightly caramelize it.

View the full Asian Chicken Wings recipe.


Since pork is a versatile protein when it comes to absorbing flavor so using charcoal pellets can be an excellent choice. The flavors fuse well with the fattier, darker cuts like pork butt, center loin, and spare ribs. However, you might want to stick with lighter flavors like apple or fruitwood if you’re cooking a tenderloin or twice smoking a ham.

Try This Recipe: St. Louis Ribs with Carolina Mustard Sauce

There’s nothing better in the summer than a delicious rack of St. Louis Style Ribs. These tasty treats come from the Carolinas and make you feel like a Southern pit master . Be sure to serve these juicy and tangy mustard ribs with extra napkins—you’ll need them!

View the full Carolina Mustard Ribs recipe.

What about...?

There are plenty of other options for cooking with charcoal pellets. To name a few, pizza and wild game top the list. The strong wood fired flavors of charcoal blend well with a crispy thin crust. Wild game such as bison, venison, turkey, and elk are also proteins that absorb the charcoal flavor well without it overpowering the meat.

We wouldn’t recommend cooking lighter, more delicate proteins such a seafood and lamb. The charcoal flavor is just too strong in our opinion. Also, you may want to stear clear of most vegetables and anything with fruit.

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Starting September 1st, 2019, you’ll be able to get your hands on Pit Boss’ newest pellet flavor, Charcoal, exclusively at Walmart stores and Pick up a bag and try out some of these recipes. Be sure to tag us on your social media posts #pitbossnation. We want to see what your cooking!

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