Cleaning Your Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Pit Boss pellet grills have the most convenient clean up. 100% all-natural hardwood pellets will burn into less than 1% of ash. Which means you can burn through a 40LB bag of pellets and have only a ½ cup of ash left over. Talk about clean burning, right?! Here at Team Pit Boss we know, that like any well-oiled machine, maintenance is important. Below are some guidelines that are easy to follow and will help you keep your grill bossin’ for years to come.

How Do I Know When My Pellet Grill Needs Maintenance?

One way to tell that it’s time to give your grill a quick clean, is if it doesn’t light.

Many Pit Bosses have experienced hitting the “ON” button and coming back 10 minutes later to find that the pot never caught. That can happen when built up ash prevents the heat from getting through to the pellets.

This is where the benefits of regular maintenance comes in.

How Often Should I Clean My Pellet Grill?

A good rule of thumb: after every bag of pellets. You can burn through an entire bag after 8-10 uses if you’re grilling, or after 1-2 sessions if you’re doing some longer, all day smoking. We like the simplicity of knowing that if it’s time to open a new bag of pellets, it’s time to give our friend a quick clean.

Remember to Season Your Pellet Grill

Seasoning your Pit Boss will make it less likely for food to stick on your grates and flame broiler plate, thus making it much easier to clean. Be sure to read our blog on how to properly season your Pit Boss Grill.

How Do I Clean My Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

When it’s time, you’re going to want to hit the cooking grates, the flame broiler, empty the grease bucket, and get rid of any ash. The key is to wait until the grill is ice cold. You want to make sure it’s unplugged and has had plenty of time to cool after your last cooking session.

  1. 1. With a grill brush, go ahead and give the surface of your grates a good scrub. If you have some tough stuck on food, try going in with a heavy-duty grill scraper first.
  2. 2. Remove the Flame Broiler Plate and wipe off any gunk that hasn’t dripped into the grease management system.
  3. 3. Empty out the grease bucket. We find it much easier to have a foil liner inside, so the bucket stays clean and the liner holding the grease just gets tossed.
  4. 4. Use a shop vac to remove any ash. You want to make sure to get the ash from inside the burn pot in addition to whatever’s on the bottom of the barrel.

When should I do a burn off?

In order to properly get rid of excess food debris, you want to do a burn off between grilling sessions. A burn off is the equivalent to the self-cleaning mechanism on your kitchen oven. To perform a burn off, once you’ve scraped off and vacuumed up heavy debris, simply run your grill at 350°F or above with the Flame Broiler Plate open. 

This would also be a good time to clear out your hopper by dumping your remaining pellets into a bucket or storage container. Doing so will allow your auger to clean out completely. 

We also recommend doing them after a more thorough grill clean, especially if you’re using any soaps or sprays as the burn off will help ensure any residual elements from the cleaners are burned away.  

That’s it! From there, you can give your grill a good deep clean once or twice a season on top of your regular maintenance. Do you have tips of your own? We want to hear ‘em. Share at #pitbossnation.

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