Texas Smoked Ribs

Cook Time

240 mins

Cooking Method






Prep Time

15 mins




1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

1 rack Baby Back Rib

2 tablespoons whole grain Mustard

2 tablespoons Olive Oil

1 bottle Pit Boss Sweet Heat Rub

1 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

Cooking Instructions

The baby back rib has long been an American staple going back to the days of the trail blazing westward expansion. Traditionally grilled many argue that this classic should only be cooked low and slow in a smoker. Fortunately, with a Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill, you can do either. This Texas-style smoked baby back recipe, however, calls for you to choose the smoker option on your Pit Boss and enjoy the huge smoky pork flavors reminiscent of the Eastern part of the Lone Star State.

Note: This recipe recommends incorporating our Sweet Heat Rub and Hickory Hardwood Pellets .

  1. Remove the ribs from their packaging and pat dry.
  2. Flip to back of ribs and score the membrane with a knife, then peel off the membrane.
  3. Rub the ribs with the olive oil, followed by a generous amount of Pit Boss Sweet Heat Rub & Grill, on both sides.
  4. In a small bowl, mix together the mustard, apple cider vinegar, and Worcestershire. Set aside.
  5. Start up your grill. Once it’s fired up, set the temperature to 225°F. Add the ribs and smoke for 3 hours.
  6. Transfer the ribs onto a foil lined sheet pan and brush both sides with the apple cider vinegar mixture. Wrap the ribs tightly in foil and place back on the smoker for 2 more hours.
  7. Carefully remove the ribs from the foil and brush with more of the apple cider vinegar mixture. Place the ribs back on the smoker grates and smoke for 1 additional hour.
  8. Remove from the smoker and let rest for 5 minutes before serving.

Bigger. Hotter. Heavier. Tip

For the perfect pork and bacon flavors, fill your hopper with Hickory Hardwood Pellets.

Diet Info

  • Paleo

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