Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs

Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs

Category Pork Dinner BBQ Smoke Game Day
Servings 4
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 hours

Elevate your baby back rib game by including a splash (or flood!) of Coca-Cola classic to your recipe!

The WALTWINS @waltwins2


  • 2 Baby Back Rib Racks
  • 1 Cup Pit Boss Kansas City BBQ Rub (*Can Substitute Pulled Pork BBQ Rub)
  • 1 Cup Coca-Cola
  • 8 tbsp. butter - divided 8x
  • Brown Sugar

Special Tools


  1. Fire up the Pit Boss and set to 250°F
  1. Remove the membrane on the back of the ribs, trim off excess fat, meat flap and silverskin.
  1. Season both sides of the ribs with Pit Boss Kansas City BBQ Rub. Transfer to the grill and smoke for 2 hours.
  1. After the first hour, lightly spray the ribs with Coca-Cola. Repeat every 30 minutes.
  1. After 2 hours, prepare the tin foil by laying out 2 strips (about 3 feet each) of foil on the table. In the middle of each foil, lay out four pats of butter, evenly spaced, about the length of one rack of ribs, and fold up the ends and sides of the foil “boat” to keep liquid from escaping the foil. Evenly sprinkle brown sugar over the butter, and about 1/4 cup of Coca-Cola in each foil.
  1. Remove ribs from the grill and lightly brush on 1 tbsp. of Kansas City BBQ Sauce per rack of ribs, spread evenly.
  1. Place ribs meat side down on the butter and brown sugar in the foil, and lightly coat the bone side of the ribs with BBQ Sauce.
  1. Tightly wrap the ribs to ensure no liquid will escape
  1. Return the ribs to the grill (meat side still down) and cook for an additional 2 hours.
  1. Remove the ribs from the grill and carefully open the foil being cautious of hot steam, and turn the ribs meat side up, leaving the foil open
  1. Add another 1-2 tbsp of Kansas City BBQ Sauce to each rack of ribs. Close the lid and cook ribs another hour, or until tender.
  1. Remove ribs from the grill, allow to rest for 15 minutes, then slice and serve hot.


Recipe Video

Recipe Note

We found using wire baking racks makes moving the ribs in and out of the grill much
easier. We use the racks upside down to allow us to both slide the wire baking racks around, and to grab
the wire rack more easily.

Using Coca-Cola in a spray bottle allows for easy spritzing of the meat — although we found that the spray top fit perfectly onto the Coca-Cola bottle!