Vetted Cabela's Members Join the Pit Crew


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Pit Boss Grills Gets a Few More Pit Bosses

Vetted Cabela's Members Join the Pit Crew

- Phoenix, AZ, Tuesday, August 14th - Pit Boss Grills (Dansons, Inc.) is proud to announce that Stuart Wilson has joined the team as the Director of Product Development, and Heath Darveau has also joined the crew as a Product Development Manager. Both Stuart and Heath previously worked for Cabela's and have a combined 30 years of experience within that company.

"I am proud to be joining such a talented team," said Heath, when asked about his motivations in becoming a part of Pit Boss Grills. "This is such an exciting time in the company's growth, and I look forward to leveraging my past experience in product development (as well as my passion for cooking) to do my part to take Pit Boss Grills to the next level."

Heath was born and raised in Alliance, Nebraska and currently resides in Sidney, Nebraska with his wife of 13 years (Sarah) and his two girls (Janea -11, and Kirsten -6), as well as their dog, Kai. He enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, hunting (relics and game), and fishing.

Stuart currently lives in Lodgepole, Nebraska with his wife and two kids (ages 13 and 2). He enjoys anything and everything you can do outdoors, such as hunting, boating, golfing and fishing.

"I'm excited to join Pit Boss for more reasons than will fit in a memo! Most of all though, Pit Boss is a brand, and they're in a product category (grills), that I use and enjoy," mentioned Stuart regarding joining the Pit Boss Crew. "I feel that being part of the team that helps Pit Boss grow is humbling, and something I will enjoy and can be proud of contributing to."

When Jeff Thiessen, President of Pit Boss Grills, was asked how he felt about Stuart and Heath joining the Pit Boss Team he said that he was, "excited to welcome them aboard" and that he's, "looking forward to seeing what the guys come up and how they can help Pit Boss grow."

"Heath and Stuart both bring years of experience and are innovators in their field. Adding them to our team was a great step for us. The more talent, the better," stated Jeff regarding Heath's and Stuart's recent acceptance of their new positions.

Pit Boss Grills is a subsidiary of Dansons, Inc. which was founded in 1999 by Dan Thiessen and his two sons, Jeff and Jordan. Pit Boss Grills is known for their durability and craftsmanship, as well as for their family style and approach to business. From portable grills like the Pit Boss Tailgater, to massive grills like the Pit Boss Austin XL – Pit Boss Grills takes pride in creating whatever the customers (and employees) dream up. Last year, Dansons was awarded EY Entrepreneur of the Year (2017).

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