8 hrs   Simple

Pit Boss Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Smoke your way to some melt-in-your-mouth Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

3 hrs   Simple

Smoked Beef Tenderloin

You don't have to be an experienced barbecue master to make a beautifully smoked beef tenderloin. We'll show you how.

3 hrs   Simple

Baked Beans (the Best)

The best complimentary side for any barbecue - baked beans.

4h 15m   Simple

Competition Smoked Baby Back Ribs

You'll be awarded a blue ribbon for "Best Dinner" for sure with this recipe for Competition Smoked Ribs.

5h 15m   Simple

Basic Smoked Ribs

Don't let smoking ribs scare you off - smoking is made easy with Pit Boss Grills! Start off with our basic recipe for Smoked Ribs. We'll show you how easy it can be.

8 hrs   Simple

Classic Smoked Brisket

Do you smell that in the air? It's the deliciously juicy brisket, smoking away on your Pit Boss Grill...it's officially barbecue season people.

2 hrs   Simple

Candied Bacon

Bacon doesn't have to just be for breakfast or dinner - eat your bacon for a special treat with this recipe for candied bacon!

3h 15m   Challenging

Mustard Crusted Prime Rib

Grilling the perfect Prime Rib shouldn't be daunting - we've made it easy to impress your family with this recipe for Mustard Crusted Prime Rib.

2 hrs   Simple

Raspberry Spiral Ham

It's not officially Easter until the ham is served. Simple and delicious, this recipe encompasses a flavor profile that will blow your taste buds away. Slow smoked with our competition pellets, the infused smoke flavor pairs deliciously with the fruity raspberry glaze.

1h 30m   Simple

Scalloped Potatoes

Make your entire Easter feast on your Pit Boss Grill, sides and all. These creamy scalloped potatoes are sure to compliment any main dish with just enough cheese and smoke flavor to tickle your taste buds.

1h 45m   Simple

Cheesy Potato Casserole

2h 15m   Simple

Bangers & Mash

We partnered with Fuge Fine Meats to bring you a classic Irish recipe for Smoked Bangers & Mash - made completely on your Pit Boss Grill!

3 hrs   Impressive

Rosemary Lamb

If you're looking to have a special Valentine's Day without breaking the bank, we have your solution! Smoked Rosemary Lamb on the Pit Boss - it's easier (and more delicious) that you think.

1h 30m   Simple

Stuffed Potato Skins

These Stuffed Potato Skins will be an easy touchdown at your Super Bowl party.