PB1230 Combo Grill Cover US

SKU: PBGCB123030805
<p>Protect your grill from the elements with the Pit Boss PB1230 Combo Grill Cover. This cover is tailored to fit the PB1230 Combo and provides form-fitting, full-length coverage. With 600D polyester and PVC reinforced lining, you can enjoy durable, weather-resistant protection that will last for the life of your grill. Additional features include full side opening zipper for easy installation, UV protection, high-end thread to prevent color bleeding, and locking drawstrings for quick tightening wind coverage. </p> <br> <ul> <li>Designed for PB1230 Combo </li> <li>Easy Installation Zipper </li> <li>UV protection </li> <li>Locking Drawstring </li> <li>Heavy-duty polyester construction with PVC backing </li> <li>Bleed Proof Threading </li> </ul>