Pit Boss 12in cast Iron Camp Oven


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SKU: 68013

The Pit Boss 12” Cast Iron Camp Oven is the perfect choice for family meals. With its 100 percent cast iron material, your family can enjoy anything from dutch baby pancakes, one-pot chili, or whole roasted chicken – on the grill, stovetop, or campfire. The kettle features a natural non-stick surface and even heat distribution, while the lid of the Pit Boss Camp Oven fits tightly to seal in moisture. With a single pot, you can achieve perfectly baked, braised, roasted, fries, or slow cooked recipes. The lid has built-in lid bumps to consistently return condensation to your food. Additionally, campfire cooking is made easy with features like the stainless-steel bail handle and a flat bottom surface for balanced bottom heating.

The Pit Boss Cast Iron Dutch Oven is pre-seasoned and ready to use right out of the box. The kettle holds 6 quarts, has a 12” diameter, can easily accommodate recipes for 10. It has built-in side handles, a looped lid handle, and a built-in thermometer notch with a lid arrow so you can insert use a thermometer while keeping the lid closed.

Care Instructions: Rinse with water only. Dry well, and season whenever the bottom starts to lose its well-oiled shine.