Why Choose Pit Boss?

  • I love the versatility of my Pit Boss K24 grill, I can smoke, grill, and bake on it. It holds heat for a long time.

    Aron, MI

  • I bought the K22 yesterday. Got home to put it together and right from the jump the way this product was packaged was the best I have ever seen. It was outstanding! You can tell the company takes pride in their product. It went together with ease. I am very impressed so far. Keep up the good work Pit Boss!

    Jeff, VA

  • The learning curve was minimal and the food is outstanding. I grill/smoke meats 3–4 days a week and I can tell you I will thoroughly enjoy my Pit Boss for years to come.

    Michael, TN

  • My Pit Boss totally exceeded my expectations. For the price, you can't beat the consistency and durability of this grill. Here in Texas we take BBQ very seriously. As a craftsman in front of the grill, my family my friends and I have have been pleaased with how well my recipes have turned out. I feel like I've taken my cooking to a higher level with a Pit Boss

    Mikey, TX

  • Great color and flavor on all my food. I’ve recommended to many of my friends who ask what I use.


  • I purchased a Pit Boss 820 pellet grill last summer. It has been amazing. The computer controlled fire pit controls the temperature easily. It has been used to smoke grill chicken, pork, beef and fish. The assortment of pellets available allow one to give the meat some awesome flavors. The grill came with clearly understandable directions for assembly. All this is available for half the price of the other brands of pellet grills on the market.

    Ralph, NE

  • Your customer service is outstanding and want people to know what excellent service your company provides and new found loyalty in making recommendations and future purchases from Pit Boss.

    Jason, OH

  • I love the versatility… I can cook anything on it! No more babysitting either, I can go about my day and not have to constantly check on my grill. Can’t beat the value either.

    Mike, WI

  • I love my Pit Boss! Food is amazing, prince is unbeatable, and quality and customer service is second to none!

    Aoron, KY

  • We got a Pit Boss K24. I haven’t had a steak that good, since, well, I don’t know when. Best thing we bought this year!

    Kelly, KY

  • I love my Pit Boss 820D! I did a lot of research before I made my purchase and it does things that much more expensive pellet smokers can’t do. The best slow smoked foods I’ve ever made came off my Pit Boss and the option to have direct heat/flame makes it unbeatable for grilling! If you’re looking for a smoker or a grill, look no further. You get the best of both worlds with the Pit Boss. It’s nicely built and looks even better. Go ahead and compare it to those other brands and you’ll see that the Pit Boss is the one to buy. It makes cooking so easy that they had to include a bottle opener so you can sit back and relax while it cooks your food to perfection.

    MJ, UT

  • High quality at a reasonable price, coupled with outstanding customer service


  • I love my new 820 Pit Boss. I love that I can put a meal on and literally walk away and come back when it’s done and it’s perfect every time. No flare ups.


  • I love my Pit Boss grill. It was simple to put together and works great. The Pit Boss gave me a much larger cooking area and the cost is much more affordable. I'm looking forward to making some great eats this summer.

    Jason, MI

  • My Pit Boss grill looks and cooks great, plus includes all the features the other companies nickel and dime you for. Whether I am searing steaks, cooking pizzas, or smoking ribs, my family always gives my grilling two thumbs up.

    Dan, TN