How to Use the Lockhart’s Upper Smoke Cabinet

Much buzz and fanfare has followed the release of the new Pit Boss Platinum Series. Dubbed “The Next Chapter in BBQ” these grills have an exciting combination of features that are unlike anything seen in the grilling industry today. One of the new grills, The Lockhart, features an industry first: a Bluetooth enabled Pellet Grill with an Upper Smoking Cabinet and PID Controller. Many are left wondering just how to use the Lockhart’s upper smoking cabinet to its full capability. We hope this blog answers questions people have about the new feature and how to get the best out of their new grill.

What is the Upper Smoking Cabinet and What Does it Do?

The upper smoking cabinet allows users of The Lockhart more space, control, and cooking options than ever before. Users can cold smoke, hot smoke, and even bake in the upper cabinet. The Platinum Series Lockhart also comes with meat hooks, allowing users to hang meat while it smokes. Smoke and heat are more evenly distributed over the larger surfaces of the meat. It also aids in removal of moisture from the meat surface, in the long run, reducing cooking time.

What can I Cook in the Upper Smoking Cabinet?

You can essentially cook the same foods that you can in our Vertical Pellet Smokers with the added option to cold smoke.

What is Cold Smoking?

Cold smoking is the process of smoking food at temperatures between 68 - 86°F. It does not cook the food, it just infuses the smoke flavor into it. For example, if you are smoking meat, you will have to cure it. It is a fairly simple process to make gourmet smoked cheese in your own backyard. Top your burgers with cold smoked cheese and add a whole new level of flavor into your cheeseburgers.

How to Cold Smoke on the Lockhart?

Simply set your grill to SMOKE mode and open the air vents to the upper cabinet. This will allow enough smoke to pass thru to the cabinet for cold smoking.

When cold smoking, be sure outside temperatures are below 90°F. High ambient temps can affect cold smoking success and potentially melt cheese.

How do Heat and Smoke Reach the Upper Cabinet?

One thing to keep in mind is that the upper cabinet does not have a direct heat source. By opening the air vents from the lower grill to the upper cabinet, heat and smoke from the burn pot can pass thru. Control the amount of smoke with the top dampers (never leave them fully closed, however.)

The Best Way to Heat the Upper Cabinet:

  1. Open the lower grill lid and set the temperature control board to Smoke. This will begin the startup process for the Lockhart. Let it run for 10 to 15 minutes and then close the lid.
  2. Using the levers, open both vents for the upper cabinet. Make sure both top dampers are fully open too so the heat can rise and circulate.
  3. Set the grill temperature to its HI setting. This will allow the heat to rise into the cabinet.
  4. If you want to hot smoke, once the upper cabinet has reached your desired temp, lower the temp setting to 275°F or lower. This will produce your desired smoke and enough heat to keep your upper cabinet at its desired temperature.

5 Tips for Using the Lockhart Upper Smoke Cabinet

Use these 5 tips to get the most out of your Platinum Series Lockhart:

1. Hang your Meat

As mentioned previously, use the hanging hooks to hang your meat while you smoke. This feature is perfect for sausages, but also works well for lamb shanks and pork picnic roasts.

2. Cold Smoke Cheese

Cold smoke cheese for anything from pizza to cheeseburgers. Cold smoking cheese can infuse a surprising amount of smoke flavor into everyday dishes. Just be sure to let the cheese rest for a few days so the smoke and oils have a chance to settle.

3. Make Jerky

Make delicious jerky. The low temperature range of the cabinet makes it the perfect unit for any type of jerky.

4. Keep Your Food Warm

Use it as a warming rack. Is your brisket done, but you need to cook some other foods on the grill? Wrap it up and put it in the cabinet with one of both vents closed. No need for a cooler.

5. Bake Dessert

From delicate pies like lemon meringue to chewy, moist cookies, you can impart some delicious smoky flavors into your favorite desserts. All while you are roasting or grilling dinner on the main grill.

See Why the Platinum Series is: The Next Chapter in BBQ

Head on down to your local Walmart Supercenter and see for yourself the new Platinum Series grills on display, including The Platinum Series Lockhart. With all of the innovative new features you’ll see why the Pit Boss Platinum Series is, The Next Chapter in BBQ.

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