How To Host The Perfect Holiday Party

You’re a grill master and everyone knows it. When it comes to the holidays, no one does the holiday meats better than you. That also means, you’ve now been asked to host the holiday party too. Don’t worry, Pit Boss has your back. We are giving you 10 tips for hosting the perfect holiday party. From party prep, down to enjoying the party itself, you can crush it on the grill and then crush it as the holiday party boss!


Tip #1 – Stock up on everything you need beforehand. Make sure you have enough plates, glasses, and silverware to serve your guests. And don’t forget to check your pellet supply! Rookie mistake if you run out. Special note: Applewood and Hickory are great flavors around the holidays. They work for a variety of dishes and really compliment the rich holiday aromas.

Tip #2 – Pick the perfect size ham with ease. Here’s some quick math you can do to get the servings right, every time. For a boneless ham: you’ll want 2 lbs. for every 5-6 people. For a bone-in ham: you’ll want 2.5lbs. for every 5-6 people. Why? Because a boneless ham has a standard serving size of about 1/3lb. per person. Bone-in hams are a little heavier and go up to about 1/2lb. per person.

Tip #3 -This is a weird tip, but one that always tends to come up. As the host, think of a place to keep all your guests’ coats. We know… It sounds random, but the more guests you have, the more important it is. You can make room in a bedroom or a closet. It’s a simple way for people to feel more comfortable without having their outerwear stashed all over the place.

There are three keys to setting the mood for a party: sights, smells, and sounds.

Tip #4 – Sights: You can go all out with your decorations or keep it simple. The only critical part to your party’s appearance, is great lighting. You nail that, and any other decorations will be the cherry on top. When it comes to the holidays, nothing beats warm lights and the glow of a fire. If you have a fireplace, definitely light it up. If not, go with a few candles placed safely around the room. Flameless candles work well too. To create the heartfelt twinkle of a white Christmas, hang some warm indoor lights around the room or use them to decorate the tables.

Tip #5 – Smells: Pick scented holiday candles to compliment your Christmas lighting. Classic Holiday flavors like pine, sugar cookies, or peppermint really create the Christmas nostalgia. Special note: stick to one scent. Between all the dishes you’re grilling and the aroma of a fresh Christmas tree, you don’t want your guests to become overstimulated with festive fragrances. Choose one, and feel free to use it all around.

Tip #6 – Sounds: There’s no better way to embrace the holiday party mood, than with music. Whether your theme is all Christmas classics or jolly family fun. A great tip for making a playlist is to pick music with a tempo that matches your holiday party’s style. For example – picking upbeat songs like “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” are perfect for creating a lively, outgoing vibe. Whereas, songs like “White Christmas” will have a slower tempo and are awesome for more cozy and relaxed parties.

Tip #7--In addition to a dinner, it’s great to have a few finger foods around. Having candy out is always a quick and easy hit. For crowd pleasing apps on your Pit Boss Grill, here are a few of our personal favorites: Beef Meatballs, Garlic Shrimp Pesto Bruschetta Smoked Paprika Deviled Eggs and Loaded Portobello Mushrooms

Tip #8 – As the host, catering to your guests is essential, but if anyone asks if they can bring something to your party, by all means, let them. An easy way to do that is to make a list of things you don’t mind having extra of. This might be ice, dinner rolls, or more beer. You can even have them bring their secret family recipe, especially if you know it’s something they make well! Let your guests help – it’s the season of giving after all.

Tip #9 – Festive drinks like hot chocolate, sparkling water and cranberry juice, or eggnog are a holiday party must! For wine, Riesling, Moscato, or Australian Shiraz are going to pair exceptionally well with the salty and sweet flavors of a ham. There are tons of options. Whatever you’re serving, just make sure you have plenty of it.


Tip #10 – Hosting the perfect holiday party means being a good host, and a good host enjoys their own party. If things go wrong, just take care of it and move on. The key to throwing the perfect party is not trying to be perfect! It’s about minimizing the hectic moments while making the most out of out the good ones.

Happy Holidays from Pit Boss Grills. Tell us all about your holiday party successes and funny mishaps at #SeasonsGrillings

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