Vertical Wood Pellet Smokers: 5 Reasons to Expand Your BBQ Arsenal

Whether you own a Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill, a propane gas grill, or a charcoal grill, there are still 5 ways you can benefit from owning a Pit Boss Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker:

1. More space

Diagram of vertical smoker details

A Pit Boss Series 7 Vertical Smoker gives you a whopping 1979 square inches of cooking space to make whatever feast your heart desires. You would need two extra-large wood pellet grills to smoke that much food.

2. More options


More space equals more options for your BBQ feast. Now, there is no limit to how many people you can invite over because you have the space to cook as much as you can afford.

Picture smoking a brisket, a pork butt, and a few racks of ribs in the Vertical Smoker while grilling up corn, veggies, and potatoes on your grill. The options are literally as endless as your friends list will be once they know who throws the best backyard parties in town.

3. You now have an outdoor oven

Pit Boss Vertical Wood Pellet Smokers are not just for smoking. Internal temperatures can reach up to 420°F which mean that you have 5 in 1 cooking options at your disposal. You and your wife can sit out on the back patio and enjoy the sunset as her chicken casserole cooks away in the Pit Boss. She makes the best chicken casserole, doesn’t she?

4. You can smoke for a VERY long time

Hopper image

Pit Boss Vertical Wood Pellet Smokers’ Hoppers can store up to 55 pounds of pellets! Which of course, means you can cook for 24 hours or longer. No other smoker or wood pellet grill can let you cook that long and trust us, you’re going to need it for that prime brisket you’ve been wanting to master.

5. You can’t grill and smoke at the same time, on the same grill.

If you own a gas grill, you can’t smoke on the thing, period. Even if you own a smoke box, you might get a tiny bit of smoke flavor, but due to how gas grills are constructed, the heat and smoke does not circulate well. They’re simply not made for the indirect heat that a pellet grill or vertical smoker can provide.

Well, what if you do own a pellet grill?

Awesome! But what if you’re in the middle of a 16 hour brisket smoke and your kids start bugging you for hamburgers? You really want to fry those juicy burgers up on your stove top? Are you a frying person?

Heck no! You’re a BBQ man (or woman), and BBQ men flame broil and sear their burgers.

Fortunately, if you had a vertical smoker, this scenario could be easily avoided. Same goes for if you were in the middle of a long beefy jerky smoke and your wife wanted to quickly grill up some chicken breasts for dinner. Remember, a happy wife equals a happy life, so make her happy by not hogging the grill.

So What are You Waiting For?

Whiskey still lifestyle image

Regardless of what grill you own, if you want to be a serious BBQ Pit Master, then you need serious equipment. And a Pit Boss Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker is a serious machine that is extremely easy to use. We have a variety of different models in different sizes in pellet, gas, and electric options. We even have a Whiskey Still Smoker which is available for sale at Walmart.

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