Bundle Up for the Holidays with an Insulated Grill Cover

As the temperature drops outside, it’s time to bundle up your Pit Boss® Grill with an insulated blanket. With the frigid months upon us, you’ll need to weatherproof your machine with winter grilling gear so you can turn up the heat with your cooking.

With Pit Boss®, we want to do away with the idea of a traditional grilling season. Our mindset is that the best time of year to grill is when there is a Pit Boss Grill and Smoker in your backyard. For those of us who live in colder climates, that idea may seem crazy, but you don’t become the Biggest. Hottest. Heaviest. Grill on the market by taking seasons off. Rain, snow or shine, delicious, wood-fired food shouldn’t be limited to a certain time of the year. Instead of storing your grill away when Old Man Winter arrives this year, fight back to the cold with a Pit Boss® Insulated Blanket.

What Does an Insulated Grill Blanket Do?

The Pit Boss® Insulated Blanket is a thermal cover that provides a warm buffer between your grill and the outside elements, whether that be snow or rain or some other sort of freezing winter precipitation. The primary benefit of these blankets is to help to deliver consistent grill temperatures in cold conditions and ensures that you don’t waste pellets when the weather drops, so your grill continues to run at peak efficiency. A Pit Boss® Insulation Blanket fits over the top of the grill and attaches underneath with stainless steel button tac straps.

But how exactly does the insulated grill blanket work? To put it simply, when the heavy-duty steel build of your Pit Boss® Grill gets cold, particularly on the dome lid, there can be an adverse effect on the temperature inside the grill. In the same way that metal absorbs heat, it also absorbs cold, so when a hot grill meets a cold environment you can see how it would be difficult to maintain a consistent an accurate temperature. However, your grill is definitely up for that challenge. Unfortunately, that challenge requires a lot of hard work, and hard work means your grill is burning through more fuel to keep up, and that means you are going through more pellets than usual and putting extra mileage on your machine. Starting to get it?

The insulated blanket works as a safeguard to the metal from the elements to keep the heat flowing where it belongs- in your barbeque. Not only does it protect against whatever curveballs Mother Nature throws you, but it also helps conserve pellets and maximize efficiency in your grill. It’s a win-win scenario that helps make every day Pit Boss® Grilling season.

Which Grill Blanket or Cover Should I Get?

Which Pit Boss® Insulated Grill Blanket or cover is best for me? Be sure to check out our covers section on our website:

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