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Dimensions Assembled Unit: 11.02in x 6.690in x 10.63in
Assembled Unit Weight: 2.175lbs


The Pit Boss Quick Start Charcoal Chimney is your go-to tool to start grilling quicker. With quick burn air flow, lighting your charcoal grill has never been faster or easier. Fill the chimney starter with coals, fold some old newspapers into the bottom of the chimney, and light it. Once the coals are glowing red pour the coals into your Pit Boss Grill.

The Pit Boss Quick Start Charcoal Chimney features - a heat resistant handle made from heavy-duty nylon and a durable heat shield built with the same galvanized steel as the rest of the chimney. You can experience efficient lighting while shielding your hands and fingers. Enjoy world-class barbecue sooner by lighting your charcoal with the Pit Boss Quick Start Charcoal Chimney.

  • Large capacity design
  • Nylon handle
  • Durable Heat shield
  • Protection for transferring hot coals into your grill
  • No need for lighter fluid
  • Provides cleaner burning coals
  • Galvanized steel is rust resistant for long-lasting quality
  • Holds up to four pounds of charcoal
  • 12" tall by 7.5" diameter

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