Champion BBQ Brisket

Cook Time

480 Mins



Prep Time

10 Mins




As Needed Pit Boss Chop House Steak Rub

1-10 to 12 lb Whole Beef Brisket

Cooking Instructions

  1. Turn your grill to ''smoke'' mode, let the fire catch and then set to 250 degrees F (121 degrees C).

  2. While the grill is heating up, trim your brisket of excess fat, score the meat against the grain and season with Chop House Steak Rub or your favorite seasoning.

  3. Place your brisket on the grates, fat side up and cook for 7-8 hours or until the internal temperature reaches 190 degrees F (88 degrees C).

  4. Remove from the grill and allow to rest for 20-30 minutes.

  5. Slice against the grain and enjoy!

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