20 mins   Simple

Cowboy Nachos

Cowboy Nachos are the perfect craving killer when you want something fast, smoked and cheesy.

10 mins   Simple

Fish Tacos

Our favorite taco recipe to date - crispy cod matched perfectly with fresh veggies that will send your taste buds on a seaward venture.

10 mins   Simple

Veggie Kebabs

For a lighter meal or a colorful side, whip up this delicious combination of fresh grilled vegetables.

20 mins   Simple

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Whether you're starting your day off or need a snack on the go, these barbecued Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins are going to hit the spot.

25 mins   Simple

Brie Stuffed Turkey Burgers

Satisfy your burger craving at a much leaner cost.

25 mins   Simple

Margherita Pizza

Discover how delicious simplicity can really taste with a little bit of time and wood-fired flavor.

12 mins   Simple

Jerk Chicken Kebabs

Tired of the same old grilled chicken breast? Spice your chicken game up with some Jerk Chicken Kebabs.

30 mins   Simple

Apple Turnovers

Turn your opinion of baking in your barbecue upsidedown with this delicious recipe for Apple Turnovers!

30 mins   Simple

Spicy Honey Lime Drumsticks

As a side or a main, no one can resist this heavenly combination of sweet and spicy.

20 mins   Simple

Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

On their own or served on a burger, these Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings are going to knock your socks off.

25 mins   Simple

Poutine Burger

Fun fact: besides shoveling snow, Canadian's favorite thing to do is invent recipes that include eating poutine.

10 mins   Simple

Alberta Beef Steaks

Shout out to Western Canada, home of the best beef in North America. Alberta Beef is safe, nutritious, high quality and great tasting beef.

2 mins   Simple

Beaver Tails

A Canadian classic that can be created for every kind of taste! Sweet, savory and just plain delicious.

20 mins   Simple

The Ultimate Dad Burger

If the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, this recipe will steal him away. Not for those with small appetites.

25 mins   Simple

The Works Pizza

Homemade pizza dough wood-fired on your Pit Boss Grill. You need to taste this.