20 mins   Simple

Grilled Bacon Dog

Nothing is better than a grilled hot dog with bacon strips.

1h 08m   Simple

Reverse Seared NY Steak

Try our mouth-watering Reverse Seared Steak tonight for dinner.

1h 45m   Simple

Cheesy Potato Casserole

35 mins   Simple

Smoked Irish Pie

Finish a perfect meal with a savory ending with this delicious Smoked Irish Pie.

2h 15m   Simple

Bangers & Mash

We partnered with Fuge Fine Meats to bring you a classic Irish recipe for Smoked Bangers & Mash - made completely on your Pit Boss Grill!

1 hour   Challenging

Rosemary and Sage Prime Rib

Fool your guests into thinking you slaved all day over this gorgeous, wood smoked prime rib – when really it was the Pit Boss who did all the work.

45 mins   Simple

Smoky Irish Soda Bread

The best way to start the day is with the aroma of freshly wood-baked Irish Soda Bread coming from your Pit Boss Grill.

30 mins   Simple

Smoked Spinach Artichoke Dip

Got that craving for wood smoked, creamy, cheese LOADED Spinach Artichoke dip? We've got your solution.

12 mins   Simple

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Get your green on for St. Patrick's Day with these minty chocolate chip cookies! Sure to be a party pleaser.

30 mins   Simple

Cheesecake Skillet Brownie

What's Valentine's Day without a little chocolate? Satisfy your sweetheart's sweet tooth with the combination of the greatest desserts of all time.

1 hour   Simple

Reverse Seared Bacon Wrapped Steaks

You don't need a fancy night out when you have the ability to make steakhouse quality steaks in your own backyard. Settle down for a romantic date in with our recipe for Bacon Wrapped Steaks!

3 hrs   Impressive

Rosemary Lamb

If you're looking to have a special Valentine's Day without breaking the bank, we have your solution! Smoked Rosemary Lamb on the Pit Boss - it's easier (and more delicious) that you think.

1 hour   Simple

Candied Bacon

The way to a griller's heart is definitely bacon. Why not take Valentine's Day to the next level with our recipe for Candied Bacon. Who needs a box of chocolate when you have bacon?!

1 hour   Simple

Bacon Roses

Give the gift of Bacon Roses to your sweetheart this Valentine's Day to show your true feelings (because bacon really IS love).