Original Pit Boss Joe Traeger joins industry-leading grill company


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Pit Boss Grills is Joined by the Industry Founder

Original Pit Boss Joe Traeger joins industry-leading grill company

Phoenix, AZ, Thursday, September 20th - Pit Boss Grills (Dansons, USA) proudly announces the original founder of the pellet grill, Joe Traeger, has joined the Thiessen family at Dansons to elevate the Pit Boss brand and product portfolio. In this partnership, Traeger will be developing new pellet grilling products alongside Pit Boss founder and pellet grill innovator, Dan Thiessen.

"The thrilling part of being an inventor is seeing the grills evolve, to see something that people can use and enjoy – that’s the fun of it! It’s always enjoyable talking to people about their grills, and the memories they’ve made around them." Joe Traeger, Product Development, Dansons

The idea for the pellet grill came to Joe when a friend brought him a bucket of pellets. He took an old gas grill and tinkered with it, and the pellets, until he was satisfied with the results. Joe Traeger built his first pellet grill in 1983, out of a signature barn that still stands tall in Mount Angel, Oregon. From the beginning, nothing was going to hinder Joe’s drive and dedication in creating a product that would forever bring people together.

When Dan Thiessen, CEO of Pit Boss Grills, was asked how he felt about Joe Traeger joining the Pit Boss Team he said, "By adding Joe Traeger to the Dansons organization, we see opportunity to reignite the industry with new innovations and exciting products" and that, "God prepared our hearts so that we could work together. We’re ready to do it, so let’s have some fun."

"As the industry founder, we feel Joe can bring unmatched expertise to our growing organization and we're thrilled about the endless possibilities. We are blessed that he has decided to join our team," stated Dan, when asked of Joe Trager’s recent acceptance of his new position with Pit Boss Grills.

Brian Traeger will also be joining the organization as Divisional Sales Manager. The families look forward to elevating the industry with this ground-breaking partnership.

Pit Boss Grills is a subsidiary of Dansons, Inc. which was founded in 1999 by Dan Thiessen and his two sons, Jeff and Jordan. Pit Boss Grills is known for their durability and craftsmanship, as well as for their family style and approach to business. From portable grills like the Pit Boss Tailgater, to massive grills like the Pit Boss Austin XL – Pit Boss Grills takes pride in creating whatever the customers (and employees) dream up. Last year, Dansons was awarded EY Entrepreneur of the Year (2017). For more information about Pit Boss Grills, please visit the website at: https://pitboss-grills.com/.

Joe and Brian Traeger, as well as Dansons, are not affiliated with Traeger Grills, LLC.

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