5 Year Warranty

Pit Boss Grills proudly offers a best in class 5-year warranty on our grills. This new 5-year warranty was instituted on 9/3/2018.

Parts Pit Boss Pellet Grills Pit Boss Kamado Grills Pit Boss Vertical Smokers Pit Boss Gas Grills
Steel Parts 5 YEAR 5 YEAR 5 YEAR 2 YEAR
Electrical Components 5 YEAR N/A 5 YEAR N/A
Ceramic Parts 5 YEAR 5 YEAR 5 YEAR 2 YEAR
Paint and Powder Coat N/A N/A N/A N/A
Wood Parts 5 YEAR 5 YEAR 5 YEAR 2 YEAR
Kamado Dome Thermometer N/A 5 YEAR
Caster Wheels 5 YEAR 5 YEAR 5 YEAR 2 YEAR
Limited Warranties DO NOT COVER RUST OR OXIDIZATION, unless there is loss of structural integrity on the grill component. The pouring of lighter fluid or other liquids on your grill will void this warranty. Limited warranty on ceramic does not cover damage from wear and tear, such as scratches, dents, dings, chips, or minor cosmetic cracks.   No coverage of damage caused by heat, abrasive and chemical cleaners, or any damage to other components used in the installation or operation of Pit Boss gas grills.
No coverage for lack of maintenance, hostile environment, accidents, alterations, abuse, or neglect. Warranty is for replacement of defective parts only.
Not for incidental or consquential damages or labor costs.

(This warranty is not retroactive and is null and void for grills purchased before 9/3/2018, or for parts previously purchased for repairs. No refunds will be issued with the institution of this warranty on previously purchased parts.)

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