James Hare 08/28/2018

Totally Love My Austin XL !!!!! Been a stick burner all my life but love this Grill !!!!!

Albert Brock 08/27/2018

Owner of two Pit Boss grills,700FB,one year very happy,and our new Austin Xl purchased last week at Walmart,did the burn in and prepared two meals so far,hamburgers and hotdogs

aaron morgan 08/23/2018

Wow what a grill-smoker, easily from smoking to grilling to searing in minutes. Great taste and flavor no more charcoal for me im a pellet man. And it's pretty durable just got mine and i have used it 2 weeks straight every night .Thx Pit Boss great product

Landon K 08/15/2018

Bought my Pit Boss XL at Walmart , glad I did. This is my first pellet grill and everything from what I've seen so far lives up to the advertisement. I've smoked wings, ribs, chicken legs, seared steaks. I've most recently Cooke pizzas on the grill and they come out with the perfect crispy crust I like. My ribs were falling off tender, make my own rub with black pepper, paprika, brown sugar, apple juice and after about 3 hours of low temp high smoke I wrap in tinfoil but add apple juice, seal it up and raise grill temp to 350 and put them in the top rack after 40 minutes I open it up and slather both sides with sweet baby ray hickory brown sugar BBQ sauce for an hour. I used apple wood pellets . I would recommend this grill to anyone. I am 100% satisfied.