Florintino Martinez 09/04/2018

Just flipped the switch Sunday after researching Pellet Grills for 2 years, I put this Austin XL Pellet Grill at the top and the price for the Grill you cannot pass on, the quality is very good as well....Even though I have only used it 1 time, I am only going to love this each time I use it and I am looking forward to firing it up again tonight when I get home..............

Robert Mulhern 09/03/2018

I bought this grill for myself using Christmas gift cards and after using gas grills and gas grill smokers I gotta say this one tops them all. I haven't had a bad meal yet. I'm no pro but the smoked meats and vegetable sides have been outstanding. This is my answer for pizza, fish, and anything that tickles your tastebuds!

Anthony Trapasso 09/01/2018

I bought my pitboss back in June after many months of research and loved everything about the Austin XL so I took the plunge. This has been the best smoker/grill I have ever owner and will be a pitboss owner from now on love the product.

Albert Brock 08/30/2018

Just purchased the Austin XL two weeks ago, three awesome meals so far,also have the 700FB, works great,
Love Pit Boss Grills and products

MICHAEL RINOW 08/29/2018

got my austin xl a few weeks ago by far my favorite!!! i have 2 electric burners and a stick burner and the pit boss is the best!!!