Thomas Chafin 10/14/2018

I received my Austin XL as a present from my newlywed wife. It is an amazing pellet grill/smoker that turns any food into amazing food. Hopper holds a lot of pellets, temperature seems to be spot on. The P settings are very using in the smoking mode. Easy cleanup in my opinion, a shop vac and a few minutes after two or three cooks guarantees quick start up and cook every time. Plenty of grill space too! I love my new Austin XL!

K Vang 10/06/2018

Grills come and go...I never thought I'd say this about my offset smoker but the Austin XL is here for the win. I was a little worried about not having enough smoke flavor. But I was wrong. It's perfect, not too strong and right amount of smoke. What day was this...oh that's right it's time to fire up the Austin Xl Pit Boss!

Qau Loj 09/30/2018

Just bought one the other day and very impressed with build quality. Cooked some pork ribs and came out great. I have a green egg but this is less hassle when smoking. I'm impressed and love it so far.

Bill B 09/25/2018

My wife just bought me the Austin XL. best gift she could give me basically she said she stole it as it was missed marked and didnt realize until she got home so saved big time and they had them in stock. Have been researching for months, and looking at them also comparing them, I feel this surpasses the others. So Pleased. my 8 yr old also helped to assemble, directions were easy to follow. We then burned it off like said to do, and then covered with fat back and then seasoned for 3 hrs. We have already cooked chicken breast, hamburgers, hot dogs, St Louis ribs 10 lbs (wife also surprised me with) a pork tenderloin, and tomorrow some nice steaks. also have a beer can chicken to cook, wife wants to cook a turkey this weekend on it. so basically cooking every nite on it.. Love Love Love it definitely would recommend it to any one asking and definitely the Austin well worth the price, size and love the weight of the structure of this grill.

Glen Carlson 09/22/2018

Bought my Austin XL 1000 on 9-18-18. So far I love it!! St. Louis ribs, hamburgers, beer brats, have turned out great! Tonight will be a thick rib eye steak. Have previously cooked on an open flame home built wood burning cooker, hard to beat the taste, but too much baby sitting and watching it. The Pit Boss Austin has matched or beat the taste test, and the ease of cooking, far superior! Really, set it and forget it! I am thinking of buying a tailgater for my small cooking, as the Austin has way more cooking space for a single person, but will fit the needs of a large cook out. I read that as of 9/2/18 they extended the warranty to 5 years? Maybe cancel the Walmart warranty at $58.00?