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wood pellet Wood Pellet Grill
Control Type: V1 - Digital Control Board
btu BTU Value: 40000
burger count Burger Capacity: 42
Cooking Area: 818 SQ. IN.
Hopper Capacity: 19 LBS.

Dimensions Assembled Unit: 26.40in x 55.30in x 50.00in
Assembled Unit Weight: 142.4lbs

Simply turn a dial and start up the Pit Boss 820 Deluxe Pellet Grill. You’ll be able to bake a pizza, smoke up ribs or sear a steak with the delicious flavor infused by all-natural hardwood pellets. With a wide range of cooking temperatures at your fingertips (180°F to 500°F), you can utilize the digital control board to precisely cook up whatever’s on the menu. With the amply sized cooking space, steel shelf and serving tray, you’ll have plenty of room for prepping, cooking and plating your food. The fan forced convection seals in meat juices while eliminating the need for a rotisserie and the bottle opener, copper finished chimney cap and hanging hooks for barbecue accessories polish off the look with practical designs.

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Scott Yeakey 12/27/2018

This is a family Christmas present. So far we have smoked a chuck roast, and two turkeys. We love it!! Assembly was a snap (I had help from my 6 year old granddaughter). It has performed very well. Only problem is the thermometer on the barrel. It was stuck at 200 the first cook and was fixed with a jiggle. It has not worked since and sticks at 200.

Doyle Taylor 12/26/2018

Great price. Cooks great food. As another review stated, the door sticks like the paint gets soft. Other issue is the temperature swing. I wish it controlled better. Was hoping it would be set it and forget it, but better keep an eye on it.

john mccauley 11/29/2018

PIT BOSS 820 DELUXE WOOD PELLET GRILL is great . made ribs, cowboy beans, roasted read potatoes , and a roast all at the same time . when its done turn up the head in put on corn bread .

David  Bailey 11/14/2018

Great grill that produces awesome food the whole family can enjoy. This is a very versatile and robust unit that has been addition to my cooking fleet. Keep up the good work.

Eric McCuskey 11/13/2018

Round one was chicken and butternut squash. We have grilled lots of chicken, Squash, asparagus, onions, burgers and steaks so far. All have been amazing. This weekend I took on the pork shoulder and the 8.5 hour cook time. Smooth as can be and with my digital thermometer I didn't have to open the smoker, dropping heat so that is a must. I only have one complaint and I think it is unique to the 820D. The lid sticks like the paint softened and fused it shut. When it is hot running like 450 and I open the lid it sticks slightly to the lid prop up top and there is a line in the paint now and when it is closed it sticks like it is being glued. Thinking of adding some lava seal which should solve this but I think the bronze paint is not heat tolerant like it should be. This is aesthetic and small and the meat and veggies have been AMAZING. The temp holds really well if you don't open it.

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