Pit Boss Animal Temp Magnets and Sticker Pack

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Dimensions Assembled Unit: 0.000in x 0.000in x 0.000in
Assembled Unit Weight: 1.000lbs


Deck out your Pit Boss Grill with cool magnets and stickers. 

This pack will allow you show your Pit Boss Pride, and see what temperature your meat should be cooked.

#pitbossnation on all your social media!

Get your Stickers today.

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Jonathan Smith 10/09/2018

The Pit boss Memphis is AWESOME, I'm so ready to excell in smoking!

Jonathan Smith 10/09/2018

I have the Memphis, but this is just a start for me, I want to continue getting better at all my grilling smoking skills, can't wait to purchase a larger smoker!

Brett Litogot 10/09/2018

Just bought the PB700! This is thing is awesome!! I wish it came with the fancy meat temperature reminder stickers!!!!

david lott 10/09/2018

Best all around cooker I've ever owned!

Johnny Gibson 09/29/2018

I got my 820d for father's day and I love it does wat it is suppose to and the taste is great. I will always have a pit boss. I'm looking for a tailgate for my rv.

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